How To Get Loved on Hulafrog

What is the Love It!   Button?

Love It Heart

Hulafrog strives to connect parents to the best local events and businesses in our community. The “Love It!” button is a super easy way for parents to show their support for the businesses and activities they love most!

It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s mobile. A user can love a business in a second with the click of the mouse or a tap on the phone.

Benefits of Being “Loved”

  • Credibility counts. Moms want to know what other moms think.
  • Get found first! Business listings on Hulafrog are sorted by number of “Loves.” The more “Loves” you get, the easier it is for parents to find you.
  • Positive Endorsements. Hulafrog’s rating system is “Love It!” or leave it. You won’t find any low-star rankings or thumbs down on this site.

Getting Loved on Hulafrog is Easy

  1. Share on Facebook. Just open up your business profile page on Hulafrog and click the Facebook share button. Try this sample text in your post:

    Hi Friends & Fans: If you like us on Facebook, please LOVE US on Hulafrog! Your vote will help us spread the word to other parents. Just click now, and click on the Love It! heart!
  2. Send an Email or mention in your customer newsletter. Ask your customers the to show their support for your business. Include the link to your Hulafrog profile page, and all they’ll need to do is follow the link and then click the “Love It!” button.
  3. Hang Your Decal. Get a “Parents Love Us on Hulafrog” decal for your window or door and remind customers 24/7 to spread the word and show you some love! Ask for yours now.

The Most Loved 2014 Edition

Hulafrog's #1 Most Loved

Every Tuesday, Hulafrog sends out a Most Loved 2014 edition of its newsletter. Each week a new category of businesses that cater to families—from karate studios to kid-friendly restaurant—is showcased. The newsletter features the top businesses that had the most loves at the time of publication.

Click here to see the Hulafrog Editorial Calendar and be sure to let your friends & fans know before your issue goes out!

Also remember, you can get loves and build your reputation all year long—not just before the Most Loved issue date. If you do, you continue to climb in the Hulafrog rankings and your profile will appear higher in search engine results. Plus, you'll be that much more ahead for next year's edition.

It’s Free & Easy

The Hulafrog Love It! button and Hulafrog’s Most Loved Edition are considered editorial content. A business cannot pay to get more loves or be included in the Most Loved newsletter. It’s 100% based on parents’ contributions.