Things to do in National: Join a Bat Bonanza

Join a Bat Bonanza

Varsity Tutors

Wednesday, 6/29   
6:00 pm  

Note: Times Shown are EDT.



When you think about bats, there's a good chance your mind goes to words like '€œspooky'€ or '€œscary.'€ But what'€™s spookier than an insect-infested world without chocolate and bananas? That'€™s right, a world without bats is far scarier! In this live, interactive class, students will get up close and personal with'€“and learn to love'€“some of the world'€™s most misunderstood animals: bats. They'€™ll learn how these flying mammals keep the world safe for crops (like bananas and cacao), patrol the skies and protect against insects, and keep themselves among the cleanest and healthiest animals in the world. So grab a snack made possible by bats (many of your favorites are) and come meet the bats and the bat experts of Wonders of Wildlife.