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Changes to the Terms

We may modify the Terms & Conditions from time to time. Please check back regularly to view any changes that we've made. If you continue to use Hulafrog.com after modifications have been made to its Terms & Conditions, you are accepting the new Terms.

User Accounts

To use some of the features on Hulafrog.com you will be required to create an account and provide us with information about yourself. You are responsible for all activities that occur in connection with your account. Hulafrog, Inc. reserves the right to close your account at any time for any or no reason. There are two types of accounts:

A "Member Account" is an account for your personal use only. You may not impersonate someone else, provide an email address other than your own, or create multiple personal accounts.

A "Business Account" is an account to be used solely for the purpose of representing your business or organization on Hulafrog.com. In creating or updating a Business Account, you must be an authorized representative of that business. You may not provide an email address that is not your own or create multiple business accounts for the same business.

Acceptable Use

You, whether a member or a business, are responsible for the content you post on Hulafrog.com and for the content sent to its users. By using Hulafrog.com, you agree that you will not hold Hulafrog, Inc. responsible or liable for any content you access from other users on the site.

We love to hear your opinions about fun, local things to do, and we encourage you to share your thoughts. However, there are some uses for the site that are unacceptable or simply not allowed.

You agree that you will not use Hulafrog.com:

  1. To threaten, stalk, defraud, or harass another person, or otherwise interfere with another user's use of the Site
  2. To transmit spam or viruses
  3. In a way that may create a conflict of interest, such as trading reviews with other business owners or asking members to write reviews in exchange for pay, goods or services.
  4. To promote bigotry or discrimination
  5. To submit or transmit pornography or illegal content
  6. To solicit personal information from minors or to harm or threaten to cause harm to minors
  7. To reformat or frame any portion of the site
  8. To attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site, user or business accounts, systems or networks connected to Hulafrog through hacking, password mining or any other means.
  9. To submit content that you know is inaccurate or untruthful

Permission to Use Your Content

Hulafrog, Inc. owns the content posted on Hulafrog.com. We may use your content as we please and in various ways. By your content, we mean any content posted by you or affiliated with your registration and profile (but not including any personally identifiable information), or content sent to us as a suggestion or opinion or email. We may display this content on other areas of Hulafrog.com; we may use it in a press release; we may use it for promotional material; we may distribute it in our newsletters; we may allow other media outlets to choose to repurpose it, etc. These are just some examples of how we may use your content.

By agreeing to Hulafrog's Terms, you are giving Hulafrog, Inc. and other media permission to use your content for any purpose.

We may remove or reinstate user content from time to time at our discretion. For example, we may remove a review if we believe it violates our posting guidelines. We have no obligation to retain or provide you with copies of your content, nor do we guarantee any confidentiality with respect to your content.

Responsibility for Your Content

You and only you are responsible for your content. You assume all risks associated with your content, including users reliance on its accuracy, completeness or usefulness. By sharing your content on Hulafrog, you represent that you own, or have the necessary permissions to use, this content.

Newsletter Subscriptions

Individuals who sign up for Hulafrog's "Our Pick" newsletter shall receive the Our Pick newsletter on a daily basis. The Our Pick newsletter may be substituted with HulaDeals or Deal of the Week once per week. Hulafrog may also send out custom sponsored newsletters from time to time. Subscribers may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Site Availability

We reserve the right to modify, update, or discontinue Hulafrog.com at our discretion, at any time and for any or no reason.


We may terminate or suspend your account or ability to use the Hulafrog.com, at our discretion, for any or no reason, and without notice or liability of any kind.

You may terminate the Terms of Service at any time by closing your account. Please check the links to unsubscribe in e-mails received from us to do so. In the event of any termination, the Term & Conditions will continue in full force and effect, including our right to use your content.


Hulafrog, Inc. owns the Hulafrog all content, including visual interfaces, graphics, design, compilation, computer code, software, original writings, blog posts, user reviews, aggregate user review ratings, and all other elements and components of the Site. We also own the copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, and other intellectual and proprietary rights associated with the Hulafrog content and the Site. As such, you may not modify, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works or adaptations of, publicly display or in any way exploit any of the Hulafrog content in whole or in part except as expressly authorized by us.

Warranties, Disclaimers, and Limitations of Liability

Hulafrog, Inc. makes no warranties of any kind.

Hulafrog, Inc. disclaims all liability for any damages out of personal use of the Hulafrog.com or business arrangements with Hulafrog.com (ie. Upgrades business profiles or advertising)

Some jurisdictions don't allow for the exclusion of warranties. If you reside in one of these jurisdictions, the law for those jurisdictions will be applied regarding to warranties.

The maximum liability for any causes will be limited to either 1) the amount paid within a twelve month period or $100.

Third Parties

The Site may include links to other websites. We do not control or endorse any Third Party Site, and you agree that we are not responsible for the availability or contents of such Third Party Sites.

Contact and Violations.

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